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Analyzing Point Guard Draft Prospects for 2017

Before the Mavericks flushed their optimal draft position down the toilet, the social web was a flurry of speculations on which point guard Dallas should select. Dennis Smith and De’Aaron Fox were both in the speculative running pre-March Madness.

Dallas may have played its way out of contention for a top 4 point guard, but in the off chance the draft takes a strange turn or Dallas gets a magical Top 3 lotto pick, let’s review the best fit for Dallas based on NBADRAFT.NET rankings.

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Does Dwight Powell Still Make Sense for the Mavs?

After a pitiful performance on Sunday,  Patrick Geary asked Chuck Cooperstein  on Twitter about whether Dwight is still a fit for this Mavs team.

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Who’s Your Mavericks Starting 5?

It’s shocking that this is actually a problem after the abysmal start the Mavs had this season. This article brings up an excellent question about the starting five, although it comes from the wrong angle. The author asserts that a healthy JJ Barea complicates this roster. But when Barea returns, he will not be the cause of a Starting 5 conundrum.  Yogi has earned the right to start (see Rookie of the Month award).

The conundrum is already in effect. You have 6 guys who seem to deserve a starting spot:

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