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Month: June 2017

Three Mavs Will Be Free Agents This Summer

More than 125 NBA players will soon become free agents, including a few of your Mavs. Today we’re going to look at the Mavs who’ll become free agents, and later we’ll talk about other free agents worth considering. For now, there are two big Mav names and one less known quantity hitting the open market.

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Who’s Really Going to Be There At #9? NBA Draft Speculations.

Mavs fans have asked all kinds of speculative questions regarding the NBA Draft, including “What would the Mavs have to give up in trade to get De’Aaron Fox at #3 or #4?” Or “Who would you rather have: Jonathan Isaac or Dennis Smith Jr?”

But hold up. Let’s not get carried away. What you REALLY want to know is this: Which players will realistically be there at #9 and who would Dallas pick?

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