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Date: March 6, 2017

Is Russell Westbrook MVP Material in 2017?

Mark Cuban likes to stir the pot. This year he’s had Russell Westbrook squarely in his sights. First, it was Mark’s statement that Westbrook isn’t a superstar. Now Mark’s back, letting us know that Westbrook isn’t MVP worthy either.

Tim MacMahon tweeted:

Mark Cuban says MVP is a toss-up between James Harden and LeBron James. Where is Russell Westbrook in that mix? “He’s not.”

Russell Westbrook has certainly given fans an entertaining season for the ages. But MVP worthy? That’s harder to measure. Has Westbrook made his fellow teammates better? Does he contribute to the team being more than the sum of its parts? Or is he just a triple double machine obsessed with proving his star value in comparison to Kevin Durant?

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Seth Curry Not Long For Dallas, Mike Fisher Warns

On Twitter, Mike Fisher told Mavs fans today not to count on Seth Curry staying long term.

Mike Fisher tweet about Seth Curry


Let’s ask the Mavs & Cows Panel:

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