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Year: 2016 (page 1 of 4)

Three Weeks In, What I Got Wrong

I came into the season feeling very optimistic about Dallas and this kid Dak Prescott. You can’t tell from the prediction I posted a few weeks ago, because I played it pretty conservative. Because in my first iteration of that post, I had Dallas going 4-2 up to the Bye week. I pulled in the reins and gave them another loss just trying to be less of a homer. But I’m going back to my original prediction now and saying that 4-2 is completely doable. Read more

NFL Sunday Week One Thoughts and Predictions

1) I’m disappointed Sam Bradford isn’t playing. I drafted him late to be my QB until Brady returns and now I’m going with my 3rd string.

2) Dak Prescott should have a good 1st game. NY Giants defense is supposedly much improved with $200 million spent on players this offseason. But Dak + Zeke + Dunbar keeps them honest.

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Season Prediction: Cowboys Lose Early, Win Often

In our superfly Facebook Fan Group, Mavs & Cows, we’re debating predictions for this Cows team. We think Dak Prescott is the Game 1 starter, although Big Red wants us to think the door is open for a Romo return. Does anyone really believe it? Not even a little bit.

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