A couple hilarious moments in this Romo interview with Kimmel. Tony talks DeMarco, Jerry Jones’ shrinking window, and Dez’s playoff catch that was overturned.

Kimmel: It’s been an eventful offseason this year. You lose the offensive player of the year in DeMarco Murray. That had to bum you out, right?

Kimmel: Is it more upsetting when he goes to a rival like the Eagles? I imagine this is a team that you hate, yes?

Kimmel: Did you call him and say, “I wish you well”? Did you guys have a farewell shower or anything?

Kimmel: Do you think you are an underrated player?

Kimmel: Everytime I see a commercial, there’s Peyton Manning! Why doesn’t Papa John love you as much as he loves Peyton? Do you feel that way?

Kimmel: In your opinion, was it a catch?