Sources have leaked that Chuck Greenberg is being forced out of ownership of the Texas Rangers.

Several issues have come to light recently regarding Greenberg’s “overinvolvement” with Rangers players negotiations.

First was Cliff Lee. Sources claim that Lee’s camp was “annoyed’ by frequent visits by Greenberg and last minute low-ball offers. Greenberg claims that the Yankees outbid Texas (uh, how exactly does that explain Philly?).

Then there’s the issue of long-time hero Michael Young. Sources indicate that Texas was close to a trade which Greenberg effectively ruined by trying to talk Young into giving up some guaranteed salary in his contract. Something the collective bargaining agreement says is a no-no.

This constant meddling and interfering with operations, if the allegations are indeed true, has cost the Rangers their most prized pitching asset and who knows what else in a very short period of time. While the public loves to think of Greenberg / Ryan as the heroes who swooped in and rescued a bankrupt franchise, the people only get to see what comes to the surface.

Chuck Greenberg has served as the Texas Rangers CEO and Nolan Ryan as President.

Does Greenberg’s exit benefit the Rangers long-term? Or is it just another case of entrepreneurial fallout? Time will tell.

More info coming soon.