It’s a tough sell at this exact moment. Dallas just pulled off an upset by defeating the Magic in Orlando. Back to back impressive road wins does NOT put anyone in the mood to trade.

105.3FM The Fan, a local Dallas area sports radio station, referenced yesterday’s Baron Davis article this afternoon, mentioning my comparison of Baron Davis and Terrell Owens. It’s a logical comparison. Both are divas. Both get PAID. Both perform best when they’re happy with their surroundings. Both are potential team chemistry wreckers. Both get more attention than they deserve. Both have failed to consistently live up to their potential, year to year to year. Can Baron fit in with the Mavericks? Or would he be the Mavericks’ own personal T.O.?

Now that you’re less interested in Davis, let’s go ahead and take a look at three trade scenarios being mentioned by the “experts.”

Scenario 1: Trade Kidd for Baron Davis and Marcus Camby now.

Scenario 2: Wait and see if you can get Chris Bosch in 2010?

Scenario 3: Make BOTH trades now, by moving Kidd to the Clippers and Dirk to Toronto. Seriously. Would you? If it could happen now, would you like to get six or seven years younger with Bosch?

Check it: Baron Davis, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Chris Bosch, Marcus Camby. Not a bad starting five, assuming they mesh together. Dampier and Camby can compete for minutes. Terry could remain sixth man if you want that scoring power off the bench. Davis, Howard, and Bosch could have some fun in a fast paced offense we were supposed to see in Dallas this year but never really materialized.

We all expect Dallas to opt out on Dampier in 2010. He’s a flop, as I mentioned in my article about Damp yesterday. With this trade, you have Damp and Camby as options to keep, trade, or release. You might deal Josh Howard out for a better fit next year if he can’t mesh well, and see what you can get for him before next year’s trade deadline.

In the end, all you really lose is Dirk. Yes we love Dirk. We love him because he’s all that’s left of the big three. Releasing Nash was the biggest mistake in franchise history since the Karl Malone draft, so we should be able to stomach the loss of Dirk.

A word of warning, however. Give up on Dirk, and your team attitude will change forever. He may not be the killer instinct leader you want paving the way to a championship, but he’s been the focus of this team, and he’s brought a sportsmanship that many teams don’t have. A team led by Baron Davis won’t be known for its sportsmanship… I’ll guarantee you that. You will have a typical team with attitude, which is what you Dallas fans have been clamoring for these past few years.

You hate to give up on Dirk. He’s a guy we all expected would retire a Dallas Maverick. But change MUST come, or we must all change our purpose for watching Dallas basketball.

Kidd’s doing well over the past eight or nine games. Kudos to him for not being a flop. But are you REALLY expecting to build a championship team on his shoulders? Didn’t think so.