Which three quarterbacks were popular starters who now look like they deserve the bench? Here are three that top my list.

1) Carson Palmer, CIN – Carson has been a rather solid fantasy option thus far as usual; however there is one slight problem this week. He’s playing against Pittsburgh. As if that wasn’t enough, some showers are in the weather forecast for the game. Needless to say, this isn’t one of the better matchups for the week if you have other options.

2) Jay Cutler, CHI – Last year, he was an no doubt starter. This year, however, you are wondering if there is some secret curse that falls upon QBs that put on a Bears uniform lately. He just flat out isn’t worth a start right now until he starts turning his game around. I still think he’ll eventually start clicking with his offense, but that seems to be a couple more weeks away at this point.

3) Jason Campbell, WASH – I’m sure he isn’t a usual start, save for deeper leagues, but to be honest, I like the rest of the available matchups for the week and this is the only other warning I see. Why raise a warning flag for a QB that hasn’t really done anything then? Simple, the matchup is going to tempt many owners to take a risk they shouldn’t. Yes, the Lions are awful, but so are the Rams and Washington was only able to put up 9 points against them and Campbell didn’t do anything of worth. Don’t fall for the trap a second time, play a safer bet if you have one.