Don’t get too confident with your fantasy picks just yet. We asked our panel of experts which QBs in the league were most likely to disappoint this year. Check out what they said. We won’t tell anyone where you get your info. 😉

Panel Member #1 – Timothy Leckie

1. Donovan McNabb No question McNabb can be great, especially against the Cowboys, but he can also be very inconsistent. McNabb can be a risky fantasy player, for me last year when I benched him, he was great and when I played him, he wouldn’t live up to expectations. Remember Last year he was benched for Kevin Kolb, now with Vick as back up, you never know how long Mcnabb will be a starter.
2. Kurt Warner I think after last season, everybody expects another great year. I wish I had some great intellectual reason or some great facts to back this up, but it’s just a gut feeling. I think this aging QB will have an ok year, but nothing to write home about.
3. Matt Cassel Let’s not kid ourselves, Cassel had a great season last year leading the Patriots, but he was leading the Patriots. Kansas City is a far cry from New England. I want to see him play a season without one of the best receiving cores, and without New England’s offensive line before I make him my starter.

Panel Member #2 – Steve Plunkett

1. JaMarcus Russell Top draft pick, LSU superstar Radiers starter who may disappoint, be pulled and get replaced by Jeff Garcia.
2. Tony Romo No Jessica, No T.O. = No Drama the dallas favorite will throw more interceptions this year than last year.
3. Donovan McNabb After week 6… will Michael Vick be the man in philly? They have shown him lined up as WR, RB will he be the points leader in philly?

Panel Member #3 – Ryan Ritter

1. Matt Cassell Injury aside (he may miss 2 weeks at most), we aren’t in New England anymore Toto. Gone are the wonderful targets of Moss and Welker. Gone is one of the better O-Lines in the league. Gone is anything that looks like a running game…I could go on and on. Cassel may have put up some amazing numbers last season, but if you are expecting his production to be anything like that with the Chiefs, you are out of your mind.
2. Tony Romo It isn’t just the loss of T.O. that will bring his numbers down. The Cowboys have mentioned several times that they want a more “Romo friendly offense” — translation: Dallas is looking to run the ball more. Romo has been able to put up solid fantasy numbers because Dallas offense was primarily Romo driven and the offense should be much more balanced this go-around. Add onto that, Dallas best chance at a legitimate deep threat come in the form of Miles Austin or Sam Hurd — guys that won’t be getting too many looks with the Cowboys wanting to run majority two TE sets. The new offense may be better for the Cowboys W-L record, but it will be horrible for Romo’s fantasy numbers.
3. Brett Favre Seriously, just flat out don’t buy into any Favre hype this season. His only use on your roster is to sucker a major Favre fan into a ridiculous trade. He has once again missed another training camp. The result of that with NYJ was Favre not knowing the playbook and making things up as he went along…I’ll let his numbers speak for how well that worked out last season: 22 TD, 22 INT, 81 QB rating, 217 yards/game. He is also claiming he has a partially torn rotator cuff and a cracked rib. Do you need more reasons to NOT expect anything from him? Ok fine, beyond Bernard Berrian (whom Favre has yet to even play with) who else is he going to pass to? The theory that Adrian Peterson will help Favre see more production this season just blows my mind, as well as why there is any optimism that somehow this season will be different than the last failed experiment. Yet because he is Favre, it continues to show up year after year — don’t be the sucker in your league that falls for it yet again.

Panel Member #4 – Nathan Holman

I’m a firm believer that value can consistently be had by taking a QB late. There are many consistent performers and typically only 10-12 starters in an entire fantasy league. Picking those that will significantly underperform can be a crapshoot, but I’ll give it a shot:
1. Matt Schaub Oh such a tempting player, shows real fantasy scoring ability when he’s actually in a game. His ADP is QB10, so he’s being taken as a starter. I’m torn with Matt because I think he has top 4 upside, but think due to inevitable injuries he’ll end up lower than that.
2. Tony Romo Currently being taken as QB7 and probably QB5 or higher in leagues made up of Dallas fans. Despite his NFL playoff failings not to mention his fantasy playoff letdowns, he can produce some stats, but he might be destined to under preform QB7 due to a strong running game, and a number 1 WR that’s never quite put it all together.

3. Matt Cassel Even without the injury I don’t like him. With an ADP of QB12 right after Jay Cutler and right before Carson Palmer. (Interesting if for no other reason than Cassel backed up Palmer the year he won the Heisman.) If I was stuck with Cassel as the highest QB on the board, I’d wait another 25 picks and take David Garrard or another 80 picks and take Jason Campbell.