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Date: July 5, 2008

Beasley’s Blog is Bogus

You can get the “firsthand account” here. I know we expect PR specialists and reputation managers to get involved on behalf of high profile clients, but sometimes it’s too much.

Example. #2 draft pick Michael Beasley was injured during his first practice with the Miami Heat. All we heard up front was that he took an elbow to the chest and went to the hospital? Do what?

PR nightmare for Beasley and the Miami Heat. With rumors swirling that Pat Riley didn’t like Beasley as a fit for his team, the Heat have some BS to navigate too.

But on top of the embarrassing trip to the hospital, Beasley “wrote” a blog post relating his side of the story. Except, he uses the terminology of a PR guy trying too hard to sound good.

“By that time the very slight fracture will have healed.” Very slight? Really? When was the last time a jock used the term “very slight”? That’s hidden PR guy overdoing it on the downplaying of the injury.

“Freak thing. But no worries Heat fans, it’s no big deal.” Really? Michael Beasley says “no worries, Heat fans”? Does any athlete talk like that? I don’t think so. This whole post was written by someone else. So why not release it as a statement to the press from the trainer or coach? Why mask it so much by disguising it as an informal blog post from the athlete itself? Simple. This could have meant months or years of a bad reputation. Some PR guy had the insight to tell them that they need to nip this in the bud immediately, and that the best way to diffuse the situation was to have it come from the horse’s mouth.

The concept of the PR guy/girl’s move is sound. The execution comes off as forced and fake. Kudos for the insight. Thumbs down on the blog. Write your own response, or publish it threw another medium.

Is the Mavericks Roster Taking Shape?

With everything that we as fans have been hearing and seeing in the media, blogs, and rumor sites it’s hard to get a clear grasp of what the 2008-2009 Mavericks will look like. This is what we know Gerald Green is a Maverick or is he???? Diop is going to be signed with the MLE or is he???

There is speculation that Dallas and New Jersey will try to work out a sign and trade apparently this benefits both teams…why you ask? Well Diop has already made it clear he wants to be in Dallas sign and trade benefits new jersey because they will get something back and it benefits the Mavericks because they wouldn’t have to use the MLE on Diop instead they could use it to sign a free agent….Maggette and Posey seem to be high on the Mavericks wish list…will this happen I will be thoroughly surprised if either of those guys sign with Dallas..Posey will stay put with the Celtics and Maggette is going to sign with the Spurs but that’s just my gut.

Bonzi Wells he could be some one the Mavs could lure with the MLE. And then there is Ron Artest the Kings could just release Artest and the Mavs could try to pick him up with the MLE (which I seriously doubt would happen). But this could definitely happen and man if Dallas and Sacramento would go for it would be real nice for both teams Carlisle says he has a good relationship with Artest and I am pretty sure the Kings are ready to be done with Artest…Cuban and Donnie should really look at this scenario.

Then there is Josh Howard and the pot smoking and him leaving a skunky taste in the Mavs mouths. But trading Howard would almost be doing it just to shake things up…I don’t know how you would structure a deal like this but Lamar Odom for Howard or Mike Miller for Howard… but I’d rather keep Howard. So in my GM fantasy world (where the numbers would actually work) this would be the Mavs team I would put together.

Starting 5

Point Guard- Jason Kidd
Shooting Guard- Ron Artest
Small forward – Josh Howard (if traded, Lamar Odom or Mike Miller)
Power Forward – Dirk Nowitzki
Center- Diop


Point Guards- Tyron Lue and JJ Barea
Shooting Guards – Gerald Green and Stackhouse
Small Forwards – Devean George and Bonzi Wells
Power Forward – Brandon Bass
Center – Dampier

Developmental Players

Shan Foster, Reyshawn Terry, and Atoine Wright

Coaching Staff

Head Coach – Rick Carlisle
Assistants- Paul Westphal, Dwayne Casey, Terry Scotts and Mario Ellie

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