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Month: July 2008 (page 1 of 3)

Artest to Houston, Mavs Do Nothing

While I did not expect Artest to become a Maverick, it was because I thought he might actually stick it out in Sacramento. But tonight’s headlines tell us that Ron Artest will be headed to Houston in a trade for Bobby Jackson and probably Donte Greene.

Another opportunity bites the dust. How did Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson manage to spend so much energy and money getting Jason Kidd to Dallas and fail so miserably to shop Josh Howard? It can’t be THAT hard to trade him. He’s still pretty talented.

Sure, another trade could go down during the summer. That is not an impossibility. But Artest for Howard made the most sense. Dallas would have gained a confident defender and scorer who would have fit the need here nicely. Instead, Houston just became a much tougher team. The triple threat of Yao Ming, Ron Artest, and TMac launches Houston backinto elite Western status. That’s not including Shane Battier or Rafer Alston.

So what’s left for Dallas? Is there even a shot at Josh Smith? Shaun Marion? Anyone? I know a LOT of Dallas fans who will be sorely disappointed if Josh Howard is still on this team in November.

Is Tony Romo the Weakest Link?

As a staunch supporter of Tony Romo these past two years, it does me no great joy to ask the question: is Tony Romo the weakest link?

It’s not that he doesn’t have skills or ability. No one doubts that. But his casual attitude is only reassuring if and when he faces and conquers playoff pressure. However, it would not be fair to blame last year’s playoff loss to New York on Tony Romo. He made a couple bad decisions against the Giants, but not so bad that it should have cost the Cowboys the game.

Some people blame the coaching staff for changing the offensive scheme. Why put so much emphasis on Marion Barber all of a sudden? Why change what had worked so well all season?

The offensive line didn’t help, either. Whether they were tired because of the play calling, or because they just weren’t as primed as the Giants defense, there were too many holes that allowed too much pressure on Romo.

Here we are, on the cusp of Year 3. This is Romo’s year. This is put up or shut up. Another no playoff win season and the fans will lose faith in the famous QB. Whether it’s fair or not to place the burden of responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the quarterback, there it rests nonetheless.

Tony has a lot to prove. The people aren’t as patient as they used to be. Give Dallas a reason to hope for a championship, or prepare to be publicly crucified.

Welcome to Dallas.

Just Let the Vikings Have Him!

Brett Favre is a mess. We don’t care about him. We don’t want to hear about him anymore. But as non-Green Bay Packer fans, we would LOVE to see him suit up in Vikings purple.

The only people who don’t want to see Favre as a Viking work for the Packers organization. But it’s good for football. The NFL would greatly benefit from a Favre/Minnesota combo. More tickets would sell. More jerseys would sell. More people would watch games. The season opener would be ridiculous. What’s not to love?

If they really want to screw the pooch, trade him to Chicago. Much less sensational of a story, but Chicago is impotent at this point and won’t be a serious threat. Favre makes Minnesota a contender and Chicago a little more than a joke.

Adrian Peterson would welcome the air support to keep the defense on their toes while he racks up another 1,400+ yard season.

As a fan, I want Favre in purple. Make it happen. Do whatever it takes. Make the NFC interesting again. Give us three legitimate contenders in NYG, Dallas, and Minnesota. Then we’ll have some great football to watch this Fall as the greats battle it out.

Or don’t. Let Favre sit on the sidelines for $12 million or whatever ridiculous amount he makes. Maybe get him to make the drinks. Get something for your money! Sheesh.

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