According to Marc Stein of, Avery Johnson is history. Randy Galloway called it before Game 5. Now the Mavs are in the hunt for a new head coach, and the entire team is in need a serious changes. Mavs fans have been living in a dream world if they think the aging bench of the Mavs will ever help them reach the Finals again.

Reality check time. Firing Avery was probably a rash move on the part of Mark Cuban. But if Avery was really as hard to get along with as Randy Galloway would have us believe, then this was perfect timing.

The next question, then is: who’s safe on the team and who’s on the chopping block? I’m guessing the majority of the team is on the block, each waiting his turn to get the axe.

Who knew that Randy Galloway knew anything about basketball? After all, he doesn’t know jack about blogs. He thinks the only true professional is the newspaper writer (i.e. the old guys getting put out of business by successful bloggers). But that’s another story. On this, we give him credit. Bask in it, old man.