Can you hear the dramatic tone in Randy Galloway’s voice? I can. Get ready for overreaction Wednesday. The visiting Los Angeles Lakers pull out a one point win over Dallas. The entire game belonged to Kobe and the Lakers. They owned Dirk and the Mavs by a solid 12+ point lead most of the game.

The Mavs rallied in the fourth quarter to come from 25 behind to make it a 1 point ball game with 4 seconds left. Derek Fisher made one of two free throws after the foul, to give the Mavericks one chance left to win the game. With just a few short ticks left, the inbounds pass to Dirk at the top of the key was too low for him to reach. He lost 2 crucial seconds and had to lob up a three pointer with the final second remaining. The ball didn’t hit the rim.

You can blame the inbounds pass, or the lackluster performance by the entire team through the entire first half of the game. Losing to a visiting Lakers team sans Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum is a major no-no. Dallas can’t afford to lose these games, and they have an even tougher opponent to face this Thursday in the Boston Celtics.

Well, Mavs, any chance you’re going to stay in the running for the playoffs? You deserve every bit of the tongue lashing you’re going to receive on ESPN Radio tomorrow.

Oh. And before I forget, can we please get a PROFESSIONAL team of television commentators for the Mavericks games? This UPN team can keep their lines straight. They leave seconds of dead air. They look at each other like they have nothing to say. Is this the best Dallas has to offer? Surely not.