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Year: 2008 (page 1 of 17)

The Cowboys’ Humiliating Loss

Do you REALLY need to read ANOTHER article about how humiliating the game was? Exactly. No one needs to be bitchslapped more than a handful of times before it gets really old. The new stadium IS gorgeous, though, even if it’s greatest accomplishment is as the metroplex’s largest paperweight.

Unless something happens behind the scenes, you’ll see the same coaching staff and same players next year. The Cowboys will give it another go. Maybe if Romo stays healthy the entire season, the Cowboys will have a good enough regular season record to afford them another spot in the playoffs despite how they perform in December. Then again, if something on this team doesn’t improve, a visit to round one of the playoffs will prove to be worthless anyway.

Merry Christmas, Wade Phillips!

Wade Phillips and his Dallas Cowboys woke to a week of holiday hope. With Tampa Bay and Philadelphia both losing their games over the weekend, Dallas has a clear opportunity to squeak into the playoffs. The road leads through Philly, and an absolute must-win season finale.

The Eagles have a candle of hope, but theirs is a much more unlikely scenario. Not only does Donovan McNabb have to defeat Dallas, but every team ahead of them must lose as well. It’s a much less likely scenario. I’ll be interested to see which team comes out more motivated this coming Sunday.

Will Dallas, needing only to win, come out of the gate more motivated, or will the Eagles, facing greater odds, push through the uncertainty and hammer down on the Cows?

We’ll be paying special attention to interviews and comments from Jerry on down to Wade, Tony, and TO this week. What’s going to be the Cowboy’s attitude this time around? Are they foolishly overconfident? Humbly motivated? Or some other bizarre combination?

Dallas needs to dig deep and find whatever that was they showed us in The Meadowlands a couple weeks back. Bring back THAT team. Let’s wipe our slates clean of Baltimore and the humiliating embarrassment that was the last game in Texas Stadium.

This is crunch time like no other. Deserve it or not, Romo will earn the label of playoff failure if he doesn’t pull out a December miracle. Of course, we’re just talking about getting to the playoffs. He’ll still have to win at least one game (probably two) to ultimately avoid the lable. Three seasons in a row of playoff failure is unacceptable to Dallas fans and ownership.

You can be sure that SOMETHING will change if we don’t see some wins.

A Flicker of Playoff Hope Remains

As of this very moment, San Diego leads Tampa Bay 41-24 in the 4th quarter. Should Tampa Bay lose, which appears likely, Dallas has a chance.

No matter what, Dallas has to pummel Philadelphia next week. That is a given. But in addition to the win, at least Tampa or Atlanta has to lose a game, possibly two.

The “experts” aren’t so experty, and we’re still waiting to hear what exact scenario has to go down for Dallas to take the wildcard. Philadelphia and Chicago also look to be possibilities, though Chicago may need every other team to lose twice, which isn’t going to happen.

Stay tuned. We’ll update you with the latest as we hear it.

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