The Dallas Cowboys are playing excellent football right now. This is why nobody is really noticing how bad the Mavericks are doing right now. The Mavericks are 17 – 9 right now. More than half of those losses have came from Eastern Conference teams. I don’t know what is more embarrassing the video of Devin Harris dancing to Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” or losing to an Eastern Conference team. I hope the reason for the inconsistent play of late has to due with us adding a couple of new pieces in Eddie Jones and Brandon Bass. Hopefully we start to get into a rhythm and start rolling like a gravy train with biscuit wheels into the All-Star break.

The Mavericks barely pulled out another win against an average Orlando Magic team. The Magic turned the game into a nail biter at the last few moments with the final score being 111 – 108. One thing that has been a constant knack on the Mavericks is their ability to lose a lead. No matter how much we are on up on the other team they always seem to come back. One good thing I can say about tonight’s game is I think we saw the return of the Dirkanator. The game was close at the end and Dirk Nowitzki hit the big shots that needed to be made finishing with 31 points. This game should help bring his confidence back up and hopefully even out his inconsistent play of late. We are talking about the MVP of the league. This type of play is expected every night. Was I the only person that noticed the announcer’s “hot mic” when Jameer Nelson was shooting his free throws with seven seconds left in the game?

Whoever started the Jason Kidd rumors need to be slapped by Kidd right after he slaps his wife. The price for the albino Ike Turner would be Josh Howard and possibly Devin Harris. Lets think about that for a second, Jason Kidd was drafted by the Mavericks when Josh Howard was 13 years old. Josh Howard has just started into becoming what looks like a great player. I don’t even think this guy has shown a flash of the brilliance he is capable of. I would be open to trading Devin Harris and Jerry Stackhouse for Kidd. That is the only remote scenario that could land Kidd back in Dallas. If Howard goes it could end up being one of the big mistakes like Portland drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. I know what your thinking, who is Sam Bowie? I don’t know either.