How Boston, of ALL teams, managed to work out a deal with Minnesota defies logic. The Celtics are an automatic force to be reckoned with: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Big Baby, and Michael Olowokandi are an automatic NBA Finals Contender and national favorite. Expect Celtic apparel and product sales to skyrocket. Teenage guys will be sporting Celtic gear across the nation.

How did Dallas screw this up? Seriously. With Josh Howard, Jason Terry, Devin Harris, and a draft pick or two, the Mavs could easily have been a contender for the great Garnett (right, Sir Nathan?). Barea has proven to be as effective as Harris, so no serious worries about starting point guard. With Barea, Nowitzki, Garnett, Dampier, Stackhouse, Diop, George, and Reyshawn Terry, the Mavs would have been a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Put Barea at the 1, George/Stackhouse at the 2, Dirk in the 3 spot, Garnett at 4 and Diop/Dampier at the 5.

So much for daydreaming. Boston has an amazing lineup, assuming the Big Three stay healthy. Luckily for us, Dallas still has an exciting team. In all honesty, Garnett probably wouldn’t have been a good fit here. It was a great opportunity in theory.

Now back to the real world. The world where Dallas picks Fazekas instead of Big Baby, Glen Davis. Don’t keep your fingers crossed on that one. Prepare yourselves for the Stormin’ Mormon Part Two.