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Three Weeks In, What I Got Wrong

I came into the season feeling very optimistic about Dallas and this kid Dak Prescott. You can’t tell from the prediction I posted a few weeks ago, because I played it pretty conservative. Because in my first iteration of that post, I had Dallas going 4-2 up to the Bye week. I pulled in the reins and gave them another loss just trying to be less of a homer. But I’m going back to my original prediction now and saying that 4-2 is completely doable. Read more

Season Prediction: Cowboys Lose Early, Win Often

In our superfly Facebook Fan Group, Mavs & Cows, we’re debating predictions for this Cows team. We think Dak Prescott is the Game 1 starter, although Big Red wants us to think the door is open for a Romo return. Does anyone really believe it? Not even a little bit.

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Can Zeke Pass Dickerson for Most Rookie Rushing Yards?

You might be one of the crazies drafting Ezekiel Elliott by the 4th pick in your fantasy league. Call it the ultimate gamble. The kid hasn’t shown anything in the NFL yet. I mean, he had a few good runs in preseason, but nothing like the performances Dak Prescott showed us at QB, and everyone’s still on the fence about him.

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