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Top 10 Dallas Cowboys Quarterbacks of All Time

We’ve all had this discussion before. How you rank the best of the best Cowboys quarterbacks depends on your criteria. If you’re judging off of rings, then Aikman wins hands down. If based on playoff wins, Tony Romo takes a nosedive. But it’s a team sport, and unlike some unreasonable folks, I don’t hang the entire team’s success on the quarterback.

So this Top 10 ranking is based on skill and execution, looking at their body of work while playing for the Cowboys.

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Curry and Barnes Lead Dallas Within Two Games of 8th

For a team that started out at 2-14, this rejuvenated Mavericks roster demands playoff consideration. Just one week ago, Our Mavs & Cows panel was champing at the by over a potential lottery pick. Now that talk has all but diminished.

Seth Curry and Harrison Barnes have inspired this team to next-level play:

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Say Goodbye to Terrance Williams

No one really expects the Cowboys to re-sign Terrance Williams for 2017. His contract expectations based on the market require more investment than his performance has warranted.

Multiple sources are expecting Terrance Williams’ free agent contract to be $6-$8 million per season. That’s crazy talk! I can let balls slip off my fingertips for half that!

Mavs & Cows Panel Discussion:

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