Let’s take a quick look at the Dallas Mavericks’ roster in light of salaries. You can tell me if it makes sense or not. Let’s start with the top paid salary of the ‘07-’08 season.

Jason Kidd ($19.7 million)
Dirk Nowitzki ($16.3 million)
Erick Dampier ($10.6 million)
Josh Howard ($9.5 million)
Jason Terry ($8.9 million)
Jerry Stackhouse ($6.75 million)
Devean George ($2.3 million)
Eddie Jones ($1.8 million)
Antoine Wright ($1.6 million)
Brandon Bass ($770k)
Malik Allen ($770k)
Juwan Howard ($761k)
JJ Barea ($687k)
Jamaal Magloire ($231k)
Tyronn Lue ($199k)

Jason Kidd is seriously over paid. Based on salaries around the league, he’s worth $7 million tops. Dirk is probably paid fairly. Erick Dampier should have to forfeit $8 million dollars just for being a colossal disappointment. Josh Howard and Jason Terry are both making a couple million more than they deserve. Stackhouse should be around the $1.5-2 million mark, so cut his salary by 4 million+.

Two players are definitely underpaid: Tyronn Lue and Brandon Bass. You can expect Bass to collect when his contract comes up for renegotiation. Lue will make a million or more somewhere.

Everyone else is probably where they deserve to be. Obviously, you can’t look at player performance and just wave a magic wand to make things equitable. Players get more than they earn often enough.

Makes you wonder who will still be here at the beginning of the ‘08 season. Then again, based on the sparkling record the Mavericks’ front office has with trades and drafts, we’ll probably see the same mess next year.