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Gerald Green joins the Mavs

A second move made by Dallas this week was to get a verbal agreement from Gerald Green, former NBA Dunk Contest winner and runner-up. At 6′8″ and 200 pounds, Green could be the inside help the Mavs have needed when Dirk is off the floor. “Could” be.

Dallas will be Green’s fourth team in as many years. He was drafted by the Celtics in 2005. He was then traded to Minnesota in the Kevin Garnett deal. Then he was sent to Houston, where he played one game before being released.

According to his agent, Green is hungry to perform well and earn his time on the court. He better be. With all the old men likely limping up and down the court for Dallas, they need some more youth to keep the team from flatlining.

I’ve never seen him play, so I can’t offer any insight on just how promising this acquisition could be. But Gerald Green has agreed to a one year deal for the minimum pay. He has one shot to prove himself.

Mark Cuban isn’t an idiot, despite what some of you have said over the past few months. Jason Kidd frees up a lot of salary cap in the next two years, positioning the Mavericks to make a play for some serious talent. Devin Harris’ contract locked them into a long-term gig, and I’m betting the Mavs have their sights set on one or two players they know will be available around 2010 or 2011. Gerald Green’s one year contract allows the Mavericks to maintain their loose and flexible future stance. If he doesn’t perform, well, he filled a necessary slot for one year. If he does perform, well, he could potentially be the third cog in the Dallas wheel.

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