We’ve all had this discussion before. How you rank the best of the best Cowboys quarterbacks depends on your criteria. If you’re judging off of rings, then Aikman wins hands down. If based on playoff wins, Tony Romo takes a nosedive. But it’s a team sport, and unlike some unreasonable folks, I don’t hang the entire team’s success on the quarterback.

So this Top 10 ranking is based on skill and execution, looking at their body of work while playing for the Cowboys.

1. Tony Romo

Someone somewhere is yelling at their screen and calling me an idiot. It’s cool. I can take it. I know you think Aikman deserves the #1 spot. He brought home three rings, after all. But let’s take a look at career performance and compare Romo to Aikman:

Reason #1 TD to INT Ratio

Romo : 248 TDs to 117 INTs
Aikman: 165 TDs to 141 INTs

Romo’s ratio is significantly better than Aikman’s. Aikman only had 24 more touchdown passes than interceptions! Tony Romo threw 131 more touchdown passes than interceptions. It’s a no brainer.

Reason #2 Completion Percentage

Romo threw a career 65.3% completion percentage
Aikman threw a career 61.5% completion percentage

Reason #3 QB Rating

Romo – 97.1
Aikman – 81.6

Reason #4 Attempts per game

Romo – 27.8
Aikman – 28.6

Aikman averaged a HIGHER number of pass attempts per game than Romo. Aikman sacrificed NOTHING in comparison to Romo. Saying that Aikman sacrificed for the run game versus Romo is blatantly false. The numbers don’t support that argument.

2. Troy Aikman

Gen Xers will tote Aikman as the greatest thing since sliced bread. They probably even debated at one point that Aikman should be listed in the top 5 QBs of All-Time. That’s a bit ridiculous. Aikman was solid, reliable, and level-headed.

He ranks #2 on the Cowboys all-time chart because his numbers were solid, but not astonishing.

3. Roger Staubach

4.Danny White

5. Don Meredith

6. Dak Prescott

7. Jon Kitna

8. Kyle Orton

9. Drew Bledsoe

10. Quincy Carter