If you’re a Longhorns fan, and by extension, a Sooners hater, you find creative reasons to talk about Blake Griffin in a disparaging way. You’ll focus on his injury history, or his lack of stellar defense. And undoubtedly, you’ll bring up the fact that he punched a team employee in the face.

Case closed. Longhorns biased confirmed.

Shah! Right!

Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba himself, had plenty of reason to dislike Blake Griffin. He played for that “other team” that occupied the same arena as Kobe’s Lakers. They are the team that stole Chris Paul right out of Kobe’s fingers. And as Kobe’s career declined, these Clippers were the most exciting team in Los Angeles.

And yet, Kobe was man enough to admit that Blake Griffin is a pure monster on the basketball court. Kobe shared this highlight reel on his Facebook page.

Blake Griffin Mosnter Dunk Highlights

Let’s take a look at his stats.

Blake Griffin’s Career average NBA Stats

  • 21.5 points per game
  • 9.4 rebounds per game
  • 1 steal per game
  • 4.1 assists per game
  • 35.2 minutes played per game
  • .518 field goal percentage
  • 67.3% free throw percentage

Clearly, Blake Griffin brings a unique and fascinating skillset to the NBA. And though Mavs fans might feign ignorance of The Great Blake’s greatness, just wait until Dennis Smith Jr. starts pulling off some of the same aerial maneuvers.

They’ll jump out of their chairs and celebrate that sh*&. Not because DSJ will pull off a dunk that’s greater than many of the monster jams Blake has pulled off. But because he’s their own. And he never played in Oklahoma.