On Sunday, Tony Romo showed that he can be as tough as they come while playing through a broken rib and a punctured lung.

But there have been a lot of knocks on him as an NFL quarterback over the years since he busted onto the scene.

Nobody will dispute that he is one of the more talented quarterbacks in the NFL, but there is always that debate of where he ranks within the echelon of NFL quarterbacks.

It is easy to name the top five quarterbacks, and unfortunately Tony Romo wouldn’t land in that group.

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Phillip Rivers are the top five quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Contrast

Four out of those five have all won Super Bowl rings, and the last one, would probably have one himself if he hadn’t run into two of the five in the playoffs. Besides Super Bowl rings, these quarterbacks have all shown that they can be the difference in the big games.

All of these guys are cool, calm and collected when the game is on the line. So where does Tony Romo fit into this group? Right now he is a good quarterback but to be mentioned in the select club of the Top 5, he has to become a great quarterback.

What It Will Take

For starters, Tony Romo has to start having a better game presence and better decision making ability within the game. Romo will have one great game and do amazing things that put all the fans in awe. But then the very next week, he will start “gun slinging” and end up making decisions that will make every fan scream for a quarterback change.

Does Tony Romo have talent? That is a resounding yes, but one of his biggest issues is the fact that he will fly off the cuff and make a decision that ends up putting the team in jeopardy of winning the game.

If Tony Romo wants to become a top 5 NFL quarterback then there are some simple things he needs to do. First off, he needs to make better decisions during the course of the game, know when there is a play to be made and know when to toss it 3 rows deep.

The next thing he needs to do is show the persona that he cares about winning and losing as much as the fans do. One reason everyone loves guys like Peyton Manning so much is because when the team loses, he takes it personal and gets back to work before everyone else.

The happy go lucky, loveable, I am living a good life persona that Tony Romo shows off to the media is one of his biggest detractors to the fans.

Last thing Tony needs to do is find a way to make something happen when the game matters the most and it is crunch time.

Consistency is King

Nobody in the NFL is perfect, but to be a top quarterback, you have to know how to win when it is on the line. Even Tom Brady has lost a game when it mattered the most, but he has won a lot more than he has lost. Tony needs to be able to start showing that quality, which will endear him to the fan base.

Being a top 5 quarterback doesn’t mean you have to win a ring, but you have to be able to win the big games, and show up during crunch time. Tony Romo has a history of making that decision that ends up ruining the game for the Cowboys.

If he can change a few simple things, and with a little luck, because everyone needs some luck, there is a chance that Tony could be mentioned as a “Top 5 NFL Quarterback.”