With only a few games left in regular season, now would be the perfect time for Terry Glenn to make a comeback. The Cowboys have been superb without him, but they’ll need him healthy and at the top of his game if they’re going to have a chance against New England.

Imagine Romo with four wide receivers in Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, and Miles Austin. Yes, New England has a tremendous defense. But enough top notch receivers will strain any defense, as Green Bay has proven every game until this week.

Why are we not getting routine injury reports on Glenn? One would be tempted to believe that the Cowboys’ organization has no immediate hopes of gaining Glenn back from injury this season. Could Dallas pull of a Super Bowl win against New England? If anyone could this year, Dallas would be my bet. Everyone keeps underestimating their skill and their resolve. I think the Cowboys were fortunate to have played New England early in the season. It allowed them to be humbled and also gave them valuable experience against the best team in the league.

Could someone in the organization give us a hint about Glenn’s condition? Or at least explain to us why we aren’t hearing any news from week to week?