Yet further evidence that the media has too much time on their hands. Does anyone REALLY care what Keyshawn Johnson says? Answer: no. He’s a has-been, and a “never-really-was”. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to like Keyshawn back in the day as a Dallas Cowboy fan. But his attitude was too similar to Terrell Owens without the superstar production.

Now, I’m not claiming Owens deserves to be praised as the second coming… not a chance. But he HAS produced when needed, and he HAS carried the burden of receptions on average. The supporting cast is absolutely necessary and nothing would happen without them. But Terrell Owens is almost as much a reason for Cowboys success as Tony Romo. Ewww… that hurt a few people, didn’t it?

As Keyshawn and Terrell go back and forth right now with their little lover’s quarrel, my only question is this: why does Terrell or anyone else give a rat’s @$$ what Keyshawn Johnson says? You’ve got to be a bigger man than that, T.O. Don’t let a whining has-been get on your nerves. Let him do his talking. That’s all he has left. You just go out and keep producing. I got my popcorn ready and I’m waitin’ for another big day!