What can the Falcons expect from the Big Tuna? As everyone on ESPN Radio has already said, it’s obvious that Bill Parcells would want control over the franchise when he moves from ESPN analyst to NFL team exec. You already know that Parcells will pick the next coach for his team as well as controlling who is taken in the draft each year. Strangely enough, though, after all the hoopla given to this deal this morning, Bill Parcells will NOT be joining the Atlanta Falcons.

Parcells will apparently be joining the Miami Dolphins. Parcells told ESPN tonight that although a contract has not been signed yet, he expects to be the official vice president of football operations at Miami by Thursday. Whether it really happens or not remains to be seen. But there couldn’t be another football team more in need of a major overhaul than Miami.

I heard someone on ESPN Radio today give credit to Jerry Jones for some of the picks and off season acquisitions made by the Cowboys during Parcells’ tenure here. He cited Terrence Newman as an example of someone the Cows picked up despite Bill, and not because of him. Then, 0f course, there’s Terrell Owens. Big Bill was obviously not thrilled by that decision.

So we don’t know how much credit to really give Bill for building the team that Wade Phillips has turned into the second best team in the NFL. We can HOPE, however, that Bill will have enough power to turn the Dolphins franchise around. They’re the worst franchise in the NFL, and they’re being bested by disapointments like Atlanta, San Francisco, New York (Jets), and St. Louis.

Atlanta isn’t fun to watch anymore. Miami is so bad they earn our pity. Both teams desperately need a quarterback, obviously, and a running back at the very least. It’s going to be a three year rebuild for Miami… maybe five. Regardless, I hope Parcells can get this team back on track. As for Atlanta, we can only hope that someone of Mike Singletary’s caliber will be chosen as the next head coach so that they have a chance at one day being a team worth watching again.