Let me point out three things:

1. Kurt Cousins isn’t that good
2. The Giants D is better than you think.
3. The Eagles are crumbling and its not Nick Foles’ fault.

Our beloved Cowboys are on a well-documented run of the type of football I know a few on this page have been screaming for for years. Myself included. Tony Romo is not a transcendent QB. He needs to be in position to succeed to be successful. Well he’s in that position now, thanks to an offensive line that looks dominant and a savvy play caller.

But what does the rest of the division look like at the 1/4 point?

The Redskins are going nowhere. They lack depth on defense and an identity on offense. The right scheme will beat them in both sides of the ball.

The Eagles don’t seem to be able to adapt Chip Kelly’s style on the fly. I think teams are stacking the box and testing Foles and he’s been lucky, but you saw Sunday what it looks like when that luck runs out.

The Giants frighten me the most as a Cowboy fan. They have a pass rush led by JPP that gets pressure and a secondary led by Amukamara that makes plays. Eli and his dumb face are grasping the system better each week, he’s gone 7/1 td to int in the last two games, they have a workhorse back in Jennings, and a WR corps that will only get stronger when Odell Beckham shows up.

I think it comes down to Cowboys and Giants for the division.

Don’t drink the Kool-aid.