I wanted to have some words of hope for you Mavs fans, but I keep coming up short. It’s not that Dallas can’t still pull this series out. It’s that they’ve given up a tremendous surge of momentum.

One win in Portland was all I asked. Just one. Dallas had a 23 point lead with 13 minutes left in the game. TWENTY THREE. Do you know how huge that is? I was sitting at home VERY comfortably, thinking to myselfeven Dallas can’t screw THIS up!

Sigh. A 3-1 lead would’ve meant this series is in the bag. Win one of three remaining games and it’s over. Just one. But no.

Brandon Roy did have a magnificent 4th quarter. The kind we were expecting Nowitzki to have. Roy appears to be building confidence one game after another. Fortunately, he won’t have the home crowd energy tonight, which might nullify some of his emotional high.

Coach Carlisle is right, though. “We need our fans to be like these fans were out here,” Rick Carlisle said after Game 4. Mavs fans need to show up with SERIOUS energy tonight. If American Airlines Center resembled the Rose Garden, we might see one of our hometown heroes pulling a Brandon Roy in the fourth quarter.

Players feel the passionate support of their fans. They feed off it. Some teams can feed off the negative energy when playing away games, but the home team needs the crowd energy to push beyond their normal limits, especially when the two teams are as evenly matched as they are in this series.