In the largest game of the NFC this season, Brett Favre will lead his Green Bay Packers down to Texas and try to reverse his 0-9 losing streak at Texas Stadium. It’s NFL Thursday, and the game is only available on the NFL Network.

With Patrick Crayton healthy and the Cowboys defense on the upswing, give the points on this one. Cowboys beat the Packers by 8-10 points at least this week. But don’t you worry. This won’t be a snoozer. Expect this game to be one aerial display after another.

Expect Owens to score two TDs and either Crayton, Hurd, or Witten to score another. You should probably throw in at least one rushing touchdown for good measure. Favre will put up at least three touchdowns, only to be outdone by his pupil, the soon-to-be-great Tony Romo. Yes, I nearly called him great. Romo doesn’t have the championships yet, so we’ll relegate him to “almost” status.

But mark my words. The nearly great Romo will not cease to amaze this Thursday. Only I and millions of Americans won’t know it until Friday morning since we don’t have the stupid NFL Network… How exclusionary