Most of you have forgotten, but you were all doubting my Cows at the start of the season. I remember it well. I had two bets going that the Cowboys would win at least 12 games this season. Everyone, including Randy Galloway and his cohorts, doubted that the Cows could win more than nine games.

You doubters of Romo, you have no excuse! You don’t get to back out now or save face. Tony Romo has led this Dallas team to a 12-1 season thus far, and there’s no reason to expect Dallas to lose more than one more game before the regular season draws to a close.

“Mister Fix It” Wade Phillips is on the job! Say what you will, but the Cowboys are playing significantly better than they did under Bill Parcells. Sure, give Big Bill credit for assembling the cast. But we all know that he was limited in this stage of his career, like Don Nelson. Both created great Dallas teams, but neither could lead those teams to a championship. They are team builders more than championship winners.

Let’s take a quick look at the remainder of the season. Future opponents include Detroit, Philadelphia, Carolina, and Washington. Look for Detroit to come out big when they play Dallas at home next week. Kitna needs a big game to carry his team strong into the NFC Wildcard spot, so expect Detroit to play with a lot of heart.

Though Philadelphia has typically been a difficult team to beat, Dallas is far superior to the Eagles this year, and you can expect the Cowboys to soundly whip them at home. Carolina is a mystery game. Not sure what to expect from the Panthers, but not many worries there. Washington doesn’t pose much of a threat either. Look for next week’s game against Detroit to be the only game where Dallas might struggle.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter. Dallas has clinched a playoff berth. Only four more games left in this regular season. Keep your fingers crossed. Our two goals remaining for this season are home field advantage against the Packers and the best game we can muster against New England.