It’s a question worth asking. While Randy Galloway obviously won’t get his preferred player in the “thugged out” Zach Randolph, it seems the rumor mill puts the Mavs in reach of only two players: Chris Webber and Steve Francis.

As mentioned previously, both players would probably be a huge mistake for this Maverick team. We’ve maintained a certain teamwork mentality that these “superstars” certainly wouldn’t recognize.

Webber would be the lesser of two evils. Of the two players, he is likely to be the more impressionable, and consequently might have some teamwork attitude rub off on him.

Steve Francis is a lost cause. Houston seriously lucked out when they traded Francis away and got Tracy McGrady instead. This is proven true by the fact that McGrady is still with Houston, while Francis is floating out in limbo. He is a man without a team, which is fitting when you consider his showboat mentality.

Could we use players of their caliber? Sure, although I’d still sell both Francis and Webber down the river for a chance at Kevin Garnett.

But what move will Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and GM Donnie Nelson make, if any? Time will tell. Keep your fingers crossed.