You can read about the transaction between the Dallas Morning News and Mark Cuban, and draw your own conclusions. It appears that the DMN is a little sensitive to criticism from the Mavs nationally renowned owner, Mark Cuban. Michael Landauer writes, “Media don’t present assertions in a ‘wanna bet’ fashion. They use credible sources like the AP wire, hardly a sports blog.”

While this was a response to Mark Cuban’s assertion that the DMN must have received its misinformation about Chauncey Billups from a sports blog, it also appears to be a backhanded slap at sports blogs. Perhaps it is the fact that sports blogs are stealing readership away from traditional media sources that irritates Landauer so.

If your coverage of the Dallas Mavericks was losing popularity to joe blow with a WordPress sports blog, how would you feel? These big whig journalism / editorial types have nowhere to go but down or independent. Classical news reporting models (newspapers especially) are on the way out. Independent blogs and blog communities are in. And who knows how long we will retain that crown. Inevitably, something else is on the horizon which will challenge the then-supremacy of the blog.

Still, it’s sad to see the media responding with bitter sarcasm and resentment. Haven’t we all learned by now that bitterness is a sign of weakness?