It’s a sign of the times when you see summer league basketball on TV. A sign that we Mavs fans are growing in number, and that we crave action year-round. Thus far, it’s been the J. J. Barea show. This guy has serious skills. He may or may not make it as a top 5 point guard in the NBA, but he’s a solid starter. I like what I’ve seen. That means Devin Harris needs to put the pedal to the medal and show us some growth, or he’ll find himself as part of a trade for someone like Garnett.

Barea is short, which limits some of his play, but he has moves and a good move to the basket. It’s nice to know we’re grooming someone like him just in case. Diop is getting some much needed minutes right now as well. Look for him to be the most improved player on the team this season.