Before some of you overreact to the Dallas Mavericks win last night, let’s settle down and gain some perspective. This Los Angeles Clippers team was bad. I mean BAD. And they still stayed in the game until the end.

Surprise of the game? Easy. Jason Kidd led all scoring. When does THAT happen? Kidd scored 27 points last night? What happened? Did he take a pill or something? If so, slip that puppy in his cheerios EVERY game day.

On a more serious note: any time your “can’t shoot” point guard leads the game in scoring, something is wrong. Sure, it’s a win, and the reason why this wean doesn’t mean absolute nothing is because the W keeps the Mavs in playoff spot contention. What the win doesn’t mean is that the “Mavs are back” or that their troubles are over.

The GAC crew is fairly resigned to the belief that the Mavs needed 5 wins out of the 9 remaining games as of yesterday afternoon in order to clinch a playoff spot. If that is so, needing 4 out of the remaining 8 isn’t horrible. Until you look at the teams left to play. Dallas may eek out a playoff spot at the last minute, but what does that say about their post-season chances? Exactly.