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Rick Carlisle and Other Changes

Rick Carlisle coming in to take over as head coach for the Mav’s is just the first inevitable domino that will fall this off season. I think Carlisle is a great choice for the Dallas. Both restructuring the roster and implementing a new vision and identity will be Carlisle’s biggest challenges. Do they restructure again and try to pick up some pieces that will compliment Dirk and Kidd? Or do they blow the whole team up and start shopping Dirk and Kidd to the highest bidder?

It looks like Dirk isn’t going anywhere. Not as long as Cuban and Donnie Nelson are running the team. As for Kidd – I doubt Cuban will admit that it was a mistake to trade for Kidd and that’s what he would be admitting if he shopped Kidd around. So this is how we can speculate it will go down: Kidd and Dirk are safe for the next season. Bass is likely a lock as well. Everybody else will be cut, traded, or retire (hopefully).

If I was GM, I would be looking at teams that underachieved, are looking to rebuild, or just plain suck and I would take a long, hard look at their rosters. And then obviously scour the free agency market to see who wants a big contract playing for the Mavericks.

Dallas has some value in Josh Howard. Rather than keep the pot smoking underachiever, Dallas might as well try to get something valuable for him.

So let’s see what’s out there and who Dallas should go after.

Elton Brand
: apparently he is a free agent this off season and one the Mavericks should really look at it. How about Josh Howard to New Jersey for Richard Jefferson? How about Jason Terry to Sacramento for Ron Artest?

Let’s look at the some teams out there who have players they would probably like to get rid of:

Kwame Brown, Memphis – Center
Andre Miller, Philadelphia – Point Guard
Quentin Richardson, New York – Shooting Guard

I won’t make any value judgments about these players, but SOMETHING has to be done.

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