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Yet Another Banner Design Coming

If the rumors of a complete overhaul aren’t grossly exaggerated, MavsUpdate will be needing a new banner image yet again. The Mavs are sure to make some roster changes in addition to the head coach. One Bucks blogger is calling for a Josh Howard / Jerry Stackhouse trade for Michael Redd. That’s an interesting thought. Assuming Redd is as good as they say he is, he and Dirk could make an interesting combo. But Redd is not a name we’d necessarily get excited about here in Texas.

Certain names are more glamorous. Kobe. Nash. KG. Shaq. Gasol. Duncan. Bosch. LeBron. These are the types of names that draw a crowd. There ARE others, of course. But none, sadly, are likely to don a Mavericks jersey any time soon.

Will we see another superstar in Dallas? Will Dirk even be here when the dust settles? It’s too early to say. Though I would think that at least a couple Mavs are safe from being dealt. Let’s be real: a team needs a core group in order to retain fan base and loyalty. Not to mention the difficult or sheer impossibility of exchanging a whole team.

In case you’re new here, this is Dallas, and the expectations are high. It’s championship or bust. Nothing short of a trip to the NBA Finals could satisfy Dallas fans and Mark Cuban at this point.

So who is safe? If it were based on performance, I’d say Dirk Nowitzki, Brandon Bass, Tyronn Lue, and Jason Terry are your core. Terry has underperformed in playoffs past, but he’s the one Maverick who intentionally ignites the crowd. He treats the AAC as though it’s always been his home. No other player is as emotionally invested in the Dallas fans as Jason Terry. For that reason alone, he stays. Dirk is the face of the franchise, and still just one superstar and a center shy of a championship run. Tyronn Lue has been the best midseason addition to this team.

Players on the way out? Look for Josh Howard, Jerry Stackhouse, Devean George, and JJ Barea to have seen their last days in Mavs uniforms. Jason Kidd? Hard to say. He’s the biggest disappointment (because no one apparently watched him play when he played for New Jersey), but also the man with the best excuse. “Coach didn’t let me play my style.” Whatever. Kidd is a nice guy. But he’s no Steve Nash.

So we wait with bated breath to hear of offseason trades and acquisitions while the rest of the country watches Round 2 of the NBA playoffs. All I have left to say is: go Lakers.

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