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Are The Mavs Really Taking A Step Forward Or Back?

It looks like the members in our Mavs and Cows Facebook Group are divided on whether the Mavs got better or worse this offseason. Actually there’s a third group that says “I don’t care if they got slightly better or worse, they still aren’t getting closer to a championship.”

No stats are apples to apples, since guys like Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes were playing on a totally different team with different dynamics and assets surrounding them. But it’s worth looking at to see if anything pops up.

Andrew Bogut vs Zaza Pachulia

According to, here’s how Bogut and Zaza matched up last season:

Games Played: Bogut 70 vs Zaza 76 = ZAZA WINNER

Points Per Game: Bogut 5.4 vs Zaza 8.6 = ZAZA WINNER

Rebounds Per Game: Bogut 7.0 vs Zaza 9.4 = ZAZA WINNER

Assists Per Game: Bogut 2.3 vs Zaza 1.7 = BOGUT WINNER

Blocked Shots Per Game: Bogut 1.6 vs Zaza 0.3 = BOGUT WINNER

Steals Per Game: Bogut 0.5 vs Zaza 0.8 = ZAZA WINNER

Field Goal Percentage: Bogut .627 vs Zaza .466 = BOGUT WINNER

Free Throw Percentage: Bogut .480 vs Zaza .768 = ZAZA WINNER

Minutes Per Game: Bogut 20.7 vs Zaza 26.4 = ZAZA WINNER

There you have it, MAC fans. Zaza wins 6 out of 9 primary statistical categories. Granted, the extra blocks by Bogut are important, and his field goal percentage is no small thing, but Zaza outperformed Bogut last year.

We’ll see how Bogut handles an entirely different dynamic this year on a Mavs team struggling to re-establish its identity.

Chandler Parsons vs Harrison Barnes

Games Played: 61 vs 66 = BARNES WINNER

Points Per Game: 13.7 vs 11.7 = PARSONS WINNER

Rebounds Per Game: 4.7 vs 4.9 = BARNES WINNER

Assists Per Game: 2.8 vs 1.8 = PARSONS WINNER

Blocked Shots Per Game: 0.3 vs 0.2 = PARSONS WINNER

Steals Per Game: 0.8 vs 0.6 = PARSONS WINNER

Field Goal Percentage: .492 vs .466 = PARSONS WINNER

Free Throw Percentage: .684 vs .761 = BARNES WINNER

Minutes Per Game: 29.5 vs 30.9 = BARNES WINNER

Parsons wins 5 of the 9 categories, but mostly by a nominal margin. Barnes is healthier and more durable, so this I’m calling this a scratch.

Mavs are Healthier-ish

Harrison Barnes is clearly in the position to play the entire season, while Chandler Parsons may have spent another quarter of a season or more out with injury. So that’s a plus. But Zaza stayed mostly healthy to Bogut’s late season injury. So that’s a bit of a scratch.

Point Guard Play Is Now Weaker

Without Ray Felton, the Mavs are definitely weaker. Maybe Deron stays healthy. Maybe Seth Curry plays some point. But Felton was just too potent at crucial times to say they’re better off without him. Can Seth Curry replace Raymond Felton’s production? He “might” be able to, but don’t expect Carlisle to put him in the position to try. Look for Curry to spend most of the year getting 15 minutes per game max.

Power Forward Play Is A QUESTION MARK

Without David Lee and company, Dwight Powell and newcomer Quincy Acy have a lot of responsibility on this team. They need to bring energy, toughness, and scoring relief. That last part isn’t their forte, so we’ll see where things go from here.

My biggest complaint against these Dallas Mavericks -> Too much turnover each year. It’s a rebuilt team each year since the championship in 2011. It’s hard to care about rental players. And it’s hard to know what you’re getting until they play 30 games. So stay tuned.

Dallas Needs Nick Foles. And Nick Needs Dallas

We all hope that Tony Romo makes this a stellar comeback year, free from injury. That’s the ideal. And while that’s what management expects, there has to be enough foresight in the building to provide the best possible backup QB in case Romo goes down again.

Just look at what happened last season:

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Potential Point Guard Upgrades for the Dallas Mavericks

So… Deron Williams is free to test the market. Mavs have a giant question mark at starting point guard. In case you were wondering about the future of the Point Guard position in Dallas, here’s what we know so far:

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